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Why The Name Gliese 581c

We chose the name Gliese 581c due to the Atmosphere of the Planet Gliese 581c in the Gliese 581 planetary system. Gliese 581c has been voted by the scientist community as one of the top three exoplanets that is likely to support alien life. Its orbits a red Dwarf Star, and is tidal locked meaning that it doesn’t rotate on it’s axis similar to our Moon which is also tidal locked. Just like our Moon one side of the planet is always facing away from its star and the other side is always facing towards it. The Side of Gliese 581c that is always facing its star is so hot that if you were to stand on it you would instantly burst into flames, melt and die. And the side facing away from its star is so cold that you would instantly freeze and die also. How could this very violent and unpredictable planet support life similar to humans you may ask? Well there is a narrow strip of land half way between its hot side and its Icy side that is just the perfect temperature to support life. This narrow strip is roughly the size of Earth and is speculated to harbor a whole ecosystem full of alien life. In the search of a Middle ground we chose Gliese 581c as the perfect representation of our new product. 

Gliese 581c Smart Glasses


10in1 Function Highlights:

1.Photo Taking function
2.Camera Camcorder function
3.Doze Reminder function
4.PC camera function
5.U-disk function
6.Bluetooth function
7.Phone call function
8.Listen music from your mobile phones
9.Mobile Synchro GPS Voice Navigation on Bluetooth Mode for driving
10.Emergency Lighting function
11. Plano Lens (Lens can be changed,But buyers need purchase myopia or polarized or night-vision lens separately in the local eyeglasses stores to change the clear plano lens by yourself)
12. USB OTG: Support the OTG Smartphones to Read the image and video data in the glasses with the OTG card reader(please note:some phone player are not supporting, please download the player from internet by yourself)


 Smart Glasses Specification:

1.Model:Smart Glasses V3
2.Material: hand made glasses(acetyl cellulose sheet)&earpiece PC
3. Voltage:Below 5V
4.Product Size:160*160*48 Box Size:190*90*75
5.N.W: 55g
7. Certification:CE FCC ROHS

Feature of Left earpiece:Camera+ Doze reminder

1. Camera:NT99141 5.0MP
Video Resolution: 720P HD AVI format
2. Master Chip:GPDV6610
3. DSP: integrated
4. Frame rate:30FPS
5. Pixel:1280 x 720; 2560 x 1440
6. Recording time: About 1 hour(Photographing can last longer)
7. Build-in Mic:MIC-4015
8. Working electric current:130mA
9. Charging electric current:100mA
10. Build-in 8GB memory card (can be used as flash disk)
11. Build-in Li-ion battery:150 mAH
12. Doze reminder:Voice or vibration (Normal standard is voice alert)

Feature of Right earpiece: Bluetooth+Flash light

1. Bluetooth V4.0+EDR chip,
2. Micro USB,charging voltage:4.75V~5.75V
3. Charging electric current:100mA,Charging will be finished in 1.5 hours;
4. Working electric current≤20mA, music playing can last more than 6.5 hours,Talking can last 10 hours;
5. Standby time:250 hours;
6. Straight-line wireless range:10~15 m;
7. Flash light working time:8 hours;
8. Audio signal to noise ratio:≥95dB;
9. Degree of distortion:≤0.05%
10. Can match 2 mobile phones at one time
11. Flash light function
12. Phone call voice alert or vibration alert (Normal standard is phone call voice alert, if Increase vibration alert,please leave message for that.)
13. Power display for iPhone
14. Power saving Settings,no match or not connected will be turned off automatically.
15. Build-in DSP Audio processing,Enhanced audio effects
16. Build-in DSP Smart noise reduction,Better talking effects.
17. English voice remind 
18. Build-in Li-ion battery: 150 mAH