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The Loop APP is an app similar to many social media mobile apps, but also has a built in crime reports and crime statistics in which users can access via public engines. Users of this application will be able to see what types of crime is being committed in a given neighborhood and also will be able to single out certain crimes such as murders, rape, and burglary via public records. There will also be section on the app in which the map will show all sex offenders in a given area and be able to view pictures of sex offenders as well.

Here are a few distinct features that “Loop” can help you do

• Uses will be able to post when they see suspicious activity and also mark it on the map
• Suspicious activity will be able to be classified in several categories all which have separate icons on the map
• High crime areas will be marked and distinguished (my idea is to have a fireball or red ring around high crime areas).
• Users would be able to interact with each other via message post & live message feeds
• The Loop app will be a glorified interactive crime map in which users are able to communicate with each other and also post information about their neighborhood 

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